11 the financial and operational costs and benefits of the internal audit internal review activities

A governance structure based on a partnership of ITSD and business lines has been established.

11 the financial and operational costs and benefits of the internal audit internal review activities

Overall approach for the topic Overall approach for this topic should be very clear from inception to get desire results as defined approach help student to keep on right track and only focus on major requirements of the topic. Proper planning is extremely important as first of all student should list down all requirements of the topics and then assess availability of information either from primary sources or secondary sources primary sources is extremely important for topic By selecting topic 11 i.

Major aspects of the topic Some aspects that student must keep in consideration while working on Topic 11 i. These are critical aspects and student should not avoid as it help them to get better grades in RAP as per overall requirements of the topic.

Overall content and approach of RAP must be aligned with overall topic requirements as it really help student to keep on right track and facilitate OBU examiner to analyse project quickly against nine 9 assessment criteria refer appendix 1 of Information pack for detail of assessment criteria that ultimately help student to get good grades in RAP.

Student should define all aims and objectives along with research questions specific to topic requirements i. There must be logically conclusion based on overall work performed by the student and overall conclusion must align with overall results derived by student through research work.

Key considerable aspect i. It is better to discuss all possible aspects with an experienced mentor and then align overall strategy for this topic accordingly to avoid any issue in middle or final stage of RAP. Below are some possible limitations so student must take corrective measures before starting work on RAP; It is normal phenomena in various organisations that their management may not entertain student for required information due to various concerns confidentially, legal issuesbusiness secrets, etc.

11 the financial and operational costs and benefits of the internal audit internal review activities

Suitable organisation for this topic After selection of appropriate topic for RAP, next important step is selection of appropriate organisation for RAP as this is the object where student need to implement all requirements of topic based on information retrieved either from primary or secondary sources of information.

The most suitable organisation for your selected topic is that organisation for which you have sufficient information either through primary or secondary sources. As topic 11 i. The reason is that all required information cannot assess at inception stage of the project so student should make sure that management of the organisation is willing provide information at different intervals of times so that RAP can easily complete as per defined aims and objectives along with defined research questions.

Below are few important aspects that student should consider while selection of organisation for RAP. Access to primary sources of information as it is very important for topic 11 because requirements of this topic mainly meets from primary sources of information.

Easy access for secondary sources of information e.

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Management of the organisation is willing to provide time and answers various questions of students at different intervals of time.Audit - Chapter 7. STUDY.

PLAY. Consider the qualifications of the internal audit staff. (4) Review the training program in effect for the internal audit staff. (1) Consider the organizational level to which the internal auditors report the results of their work. I. Relationship of costs and benefits.


Investigation into benefits of the internal audit– Virtual Mentoring

Accounting information system. C. Project Topic 11 An investigation into the financial and operational costs and benefits of the internal audit/internal review activities within an organisation. Nov 13,  · CFOs can help guide internal audit on what’s most important to the finance function and the broader organization, according to Neil White, principal, Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory, Deloitte & Touche LLP (U.S.) and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited’s Internal Audit Analytics leader.

Our audit disclosed that the District’s basic financial statements were presented fairly, in all material respects, in accordance with prescribed financial reporting standards.

Summary of Report on Internal Control and Compliance. Oct 01,  · The title of Topic 11 is “An investigation into the financial and operational costs and benefits of the internal audit / internal review activities within an organisation”. It is NOT a straight application of cost benefit analysis in relation to internal audit.

A periodic review by internal auditors that stresses the evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of a department's procedures is called a (an): a) Operational audit Operational audit b) Financial audit c) Management-by-exception audit d) Audit by exception and install those controls whose projected benefits outweigh their costs.

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