3d scanning market in the us

North America held a prominent share of the 3D laser scanner market in Asia Pacific is projected to be at the forefront of global demand, and the market in the region is expected to expand at a significant CAGR among all regions. The continuous growing demand for 3D design and presentation is paving the way for the increasing adoption of 3D laser scanning products.

3d scanning market in the us

The technology optimizes the overall requirement of time, cost and efforts while regenerating an object. Hence, it is useful for generating prototypes while manufacturing new models in various industries such as automobile, defense, and consumer goods among others. The report covers study of 3D scanner types namely optical scanner, laser scanner, and structured light scanners.

This report also discusses various scanner varieties based on operating range. The prices of certain 3D scanners are also covered in order to present comparative analysis.

The 3D scanning market size considered in the report is the revenue earned by companies by selling 3D scanners. From applications perspectives, the report analyzes the market according to domain of usage; for example, building insulations.

3D Scanning Market Size & Growth, | Industry Analysis Report

In recent future, the technology is expected to pick up pace due to series of innovative efforts and entry of various stakeholders from developing countries.

The report elaborates the competitive advantages of 3D scanning over conventional alternatives. North America and Europe held a significant share in the global 3D scanning market in on account of heavy applications in industrial manufacturing and healthcare sectors.

Key players profiled in the report include Faro Technologies, Inc. Get more information on this report: Some of them are based on optical image sensing, where as some of them scan the objects by using laser technology.

3D Scanning Market Forecast to cross $10bn by

Structured light scanning is another emerging type of 3D scanning in which light strips are projected onto object and its details are captured.

Optical scanners are highly sophisticated in terms of quality of scans; laser scanners are portable solutions and hence commonly found in various applications. Structured light scanners are less portable; however, capture the details of an object from multiple viewpoints simultaneously.

3d scanning market in the us

The scanners are basically categorized into short range, medium range and long range. Short range scanners scan the objects within the range of one meter.

Medium range scanners scan the details of objects located within the range of few meters, typically up to ten meters. Long range scanners can scan the objects located within a range of 75 meters.

Reverse engineering includes the study of original model or machine to understand or enhance its components. Rapid prototyping means building of test models with the help of scanned data of original component. This prototyping is achieved by feeding the captured data to 3D printers.

The 3D scanners are used in numerous industries for several applications such as body scanning, prototyping and security surveillance among others. The other applications include educational research, pipe check solutions, and historical site protection.

The growth in the region is predominantly driven by the United States.


The early adoption of new technology and presence of U. Some of the prominent companies headquartered in the U. Merger and acquisition is a prominent strategy adopted by market players to expand product portfolio and enhance their service offerings. Sophistication in healthcare facilities is a key factor driving the 3D scanning market growth.

These stakeholders perform different roles in their areas of operation. The primary activities conducted by these entities are meant for direct assistance in the provisioning of 3D scanners; however, the supportive activities fuel the primary activities without interrupting the processes.

Request Sample Pages Primary activities are explained in chain of value addition made by each stakeholder on different levels. Research and development activities are the primary factors in the development. The new technologies introduced transform the scanning process by making them more efficient.

Manufacturers are at the second level of value chain, which craft components and accomplish higher precision and advanced resolution, while providing faster scanning process and benefit of economies. By accomplishing the above-mentioned factors, the 3D scanning market would further grow in terms of wide spread applications in various industries.

Supportive activities indirectly influence the 3D scanning market. These high-end technologies used in development of new techniques for 3D scanners add value to the industry and also influence the role of stakeholders.

Key Benefits The exploratory function of the study weighs up on the current and future trend of the 3D scanning market.

The drivers and opportunities in the market have been examined to identify the current factors and upcoming applications, which impact the 3D scanning market growth 3D Scanning Market Key Segment:According to the new market research report on the 3D scanner market, the market is expected to grow from USD Billion in to USD Billion by , at a CAGR of % during the forecast period.

3D Scanning Market in the US 3D scanning is a fast and accurate method of transferring the physical measurements of an object into a computer in an organized manner to produce 3D data.

The process is carried out with the help of a 3D scanner, a device that measures the physical world using lasers, lights, or X-rays and generates dense point clouds.

North America 3D scanning market size, by application, (USD Million) Technological advancements such as 3D digitization that can offer high resolution and rapid scanning techniques are anticipated to drive .

The 3D scanner market for the architecture & construction industry is growing at a significant rate because of the integration of 3D scanning technology with software such as Computer Aided Design (CAD), which assists in minimizing the building design time and overall cost pertaining to building information modeling (BIM).

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The 3D scanner market is expected to grow from USD Billion in to USD Billion by , at a CAGR of % during the forecast period. 3D Scanning Market Size and Trends. The global 3D scanning market size was valued at USD billion in owing to the dynamic application portfolio of 3D scanners and the associated software.

3D scanning can be used for a variety of purposes that includes producing high-volume customized products for the healthcare industry, modernizing .

3D Laser Scanner Market to reach US$ 4, Mn by - TMR