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Maruti Suzuki India, the country's largest carmaker, said sales in September were up 1.

A project report on sales promotion on hero handa

Stefan Bellof Bellof was on his way to becoming one of the mightiest drivers the sport has ever seen October 8, Stefan Bellof was never better—and never worse—than when he had something to prove.

And Bellof always had something to prove, even if it was just a minor personal point, created from whole cloth to maximize motivation. Luck, or the lack of it, determined whether he stayed on that edge or fell off to one side.

In traffic, on older tires, and with a nearly full tank of fuel, Bellof ran a lap of 6 minutes, Jaws dropped, and stopwatches were checked to see if they were working properly. Never had a racer averaged more than kph here.

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Some sort of timing mistake, perhaps? No, it was just Bellof. Six of the seven top cars were s, but Bellof was nearly 6 seconds quicker than the next best.

The comparatively inexperienced upstart had proven two things. Bellof is a certified tragic hero, and new fans have embraced his legend, incredible drives, and comparably incredible crashes. And second, that he could even embarrass Keke Rosberg, then the reigning Formula 1 world champion.

That was on a Saturday. Two laps later, with a second lead, he crested the hill at Pflanzgarten, became airborne, and flipped.

The car came to rest upright. Bellof was uninjured, and he signed autographs for fans lining the fence until track workers finished the cleanup. Bellof crashed because he was, once again, proving a point.

Porsche engineers told him it was impossible to take Pflanzgarten flat-out. This time, he did not walk away. After all, Bellof set his mark during qualifying, meaning he had to steer around slower cars.

Porsche management in general and Bernhard in particular were profoundly sensitive about eclipsing an almost mythical record set by a fellow Porsche factory driver. Bellof is a certified tragic hero, and new fans have embraced his legend, drawn by online archived videos that showcase his incredible drives and comparably incredible crashes.

If there was any driver who gave Bellof a reason to prove himself, it was Ickx. It cost Bellof his life. At the end ofhe was disqualified from the Formula Ford Festival race at Brands Hatch in England after making contact with another car.

A year later he became the youngest driver to date to sign with the Porsche factory. He was assigned to the potent Rothmans team, partnered with Bell.

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Despite minimal experience in race cars with a roof, he qualified the on the pole for his first race, the Silverstone km, and the duo went on to win. Bellof went on to win two more races that year then came back in to win the World Sportscar championship by eight points over Mass.

He was cheerful and well spoken, and the cameras adored him. He was on his way. Given his success, it was no surprise F1 came calling, but the best seat Bellof could find was with Tyrrell, which was stuck with naturally aspirated Ford-Cosworth engines when the rest of the field had turbochargers, putting Bellof and teammate Martin Brundle at a horsepower deficit.

Bellof, obviously, had plenty to prove in F1 but little chance to do it, often crashing or breaking in his rookie season as he willed his Tyrrell to run with the turbos. At Monaco, he finally got a chance to shine.

Wet tracks are great equalizers when it comes to horsepower, and the principality was soaked. Suddenly and to the surprise of most everyone on the track and off, the race director halted the event after 31 laps, citing the poor conditions, though they seemed comparable to what they had been like all race long.

Had the race run the full distance, Bellof may well have won. As it was, he still managed his first and only F1 podium, but due to the decreased race length, only half-points were awarded. Bellof was back with Tyrrell forand team owner Ken Tyrrell struck a deal that got Bellof and Brundle a few turbocharged engines for later in the season, but they still had to run the Fords early that year.

He and his team were still getting used to the quirky Renault engine, and it blew up 40 laps into the race. A week later, Bellof was killed. He never had the chance to show what he could do in a car with proper power.Prices, promotions, styles, and availability may vary.

A project report on sales promotion on hero handa

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A project report on sales promotion on hero handa

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