An analysis of the harmful effects of microwaves on children

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An analysis of the harmful effects of microwaves on children

The significance of microwaves in the environment and its effect on plants | Request PDF

Or that it may destroy the micronutrients in your food? Or even cause cancer? Are we worrying about nothing? Or is there some truth to these? By the end of this article, we will have addressed each of these concerns.

Do microwaves destroy beneficial nutrients? Researchers have since been investigating how microwaving foods may influence their nutrient content, in a good way OR a bad way.

In a study published in The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, it was found that broccoli retained all of its minerals when microwaved but lost vitamin C, which leached into the added water. Does this mean that we should avoid microwaving our vegetables? Firstly, vitamin C is quite volatile in heat, so cooking in general causes its loss.

Luckily, C is plentiful in raw fruits and vegetables, so you can compensate there.

Wireless devices more harmful to children – new report –

What about omega 3 in fish? A study published in Food and Bioproducts Processing investigated the effects of different cooking methods on the nutrient content of seabass. Losses of omega 3 fats were higher in the microwaved seabass than in the fried seabass.

Click HERE to learn more about this. Are microwave containers risky? When food is wrapped in plastic or placed in a plastic container and microwaved, chemicals from the plastic can leak into the food. This seems to be causing a lot of worry for people but, according to the Harvard Medical School, this is closely regulated: On the other hand, the organisation Breast Cancer UK urges the authorities to ban BPAa type of plastic not only used in microwave ovenware but also in most packaged products!

An analysis of the harmful effects of microwaves on children

Does microwave radiation make foods radioactive? But is this true? Have you ever thought about what radiation actually is? Radiation can be found all around us, in varying amounts.

An analysis of the harmful effects of microwaves on children

It is essentially the release of energy, which is given off by everyday things, such as the sun and household electrical appliances. We are always being exposed to natural background radiation.

From radioactive gases given off from the earth, to radioactive substances in the soil. Have you ever had an x-ray? Ever used a sunbed? Your mobile phone gives off radiation, as do computers, heaters, and radios.

So does this mean that we are in constant danger from microwaves and the world around us? Firstly, it is important to understand how a microwave works.Ironically, there are 32% of microwave industry-funded studies finding non-thermal adverse effects and yet that industry and its associations claim there are no such things; further research is needed; and dogmatically set false safety standards based upon thermal effects, e.g., if it heats your skin from a certain distance, then it’s harmful.

The heating effect of microwaves destroys living tissue when the temperature of the tissue exceeds 43° C (° F). Accordingly, exposure to intense microwaves in excess of 20 milliwatts of power per square centimetre of body surface is harmful. for impurity analysis of metallurgical specimens.

This finding is consistent with research that suggests that male survivors of child sexual abuse are more susceptible to internalising effects, while women are more likely to experience externalising effects (Dorahy & Clearwater, ; Romano & De Luca, ).

In a review of the effects of environmental microwaves on plants (Jayasanka and Asaeda, ), it was indicated that effects depend on the plant family and the growth stage, as well as the. The observed effects were similar to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children.

Ten Reasons not to Use Your Microwave Oven

A Turkish study reported on a MHz in utero exposure of rats [19]. “The results showed that prenatal EMF exposure caused a decrease in the number of granule cells in the dentate gyrus of the rats (p.

Aug 19,  · The potential harm from microwave radiation (MWR) given off by wireless devices, particularly for children and unborn babies, is the highlight .

Is microwave radiation harmful?