Analysis of mcdonalds sales decline

Our airports are terrible, and our airlines are finding it harder to compete.

Analysis of mcdonalds sales decline

The Record Industry's Decline June 26, 6: Rosen and others see that period as disastrous for the business. That's when we went from music having real value in people's minds to music having no economic value, just emotional value.

The RIAA, the labels, and all the other middlemen have an overdeveloped sense of both how necessary and how valuable they are. Britney Spears ain't it.

Analysis of mcdonalds sales decline

They're currently continuing to fuck themselves over by suing people. I hope every label who participated in that goes bankrupt. If the big guys are indeed sinking into the tar pits, their death scream seems to have a whole lot of notes. In the time it takes to go to a store to buy an album they can copy 80, songs.

Their business model is dead, dead, dead.

Analysis of mcdonalds sales decline

As for the songwriters and backup musicians who are finding themselves struggling for work, I do sympathize. Why not come to my town and play a few gigs, guys? I think that music creation, i. The RIAA put napster on the map by suing it. At the same time it gave people reason to look for an alternative file sharing product.

Several different, more decentralized technical solutions emerged and each gained massive user bases as people flocked away from the young napster. But eventually the riaa figured out which points in a particular new p2p system are control bottlenecks, and they sue it.

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They have done this several times, and each time a software model was legally crippled. And each time the massive user base moves on to a more decentralized p2p system. Thus we arrive at bit torrent and decentralized trackers.

The only thing left to sue is everyone.

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Thus alienating your entire customer base. And it isn't just music and the recording industry; people now feel comfortable about filching anything electronic -- if the original isn't damaged, it is assumed that no harm is done.

Cassette tapes killed 8-tracks, CDs killed cassettes Because they had no faith in its viability and instead spent tons of money on lawsuits against indiviuals who could not realistically pay them back for "damages caused" they are in turn self defeating. The reality is, most people want to use the mediums that best suit their music enjoyment.

Most would pay a resonable amount of money to obtain unlimited replay rights to the songs or albums they like What is most ludicrous of all is that consumers are still paying a lot for music, just not as much as before.

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McDonald's Comparable Sales Decline in May

Nov 09,  · McDonald’s, the world’s largest fast-food chain, reported a decline in an important global sales figure, the first such drop in almost a decade. Monthly sales in stores open at least 13 months fell around the world by percent in October, reflecting “the pervasive challenges of today’s global marketplace,” according to Don Thompson, .

McDonalds Health: healthy Fast Food for the Masses! One of the primary reasons linked with the rapid decline in sales for the business is the perception and the overall type of . Analysis of UK McDonald’s Sales Decline Introduction The aim of this report is to analyse the current situation of McDonalds as an organisation in the UK market and to evaluate their current sales decline.

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