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Ba310 notes

The call processing system includes a network control processor for controlling the processing and routing of the calls and for providing enhanced features, and a matrix switch for routing calls from an originating location to a terminating location.

Operator consoles can be included to provide operator assistance to the caller. The network control Ba310 notes comprises a central message processor that receives call data, determines the type of call, determines the processing required, and determines whether operator assistance is required.

A call route distributor allocates an operator console to the call if required. A billing server is used to track billing information for the call while it is in progress.

A database server is provided for database look-ups and storage. The call processing system also includes a validation system, a billing system, a distribution system, and a fraud detection and prevention system. The validation system is used to validate call information to determine whether the call can be placed.

The billing system determines rates for calls and calculates the cost of completed calls. The distribution system distributes changes that are made to a master database to the appropriate slave database.

The fraud detection and prevention system monitors originating and in-process calls to detect and possibly prevent possible fraudulent uses of phone services and systems. A client Ba310 notes is provided to facilitate communications among applications and DEF records are used to define specific call processing actions.

Description This application is a division of application Ser. Field of the Invention The present invention relates generally to systems and methods used in processing telephone calls, and more particularly, to systems and methods for allowing telephone carriers to offer enhanced products and services to their subscribers.

Related Art Deregulation of the long-distance telephone industry spawned the growth of numerous long-distance service providers, each vying for a share of the United States' long-distance market.

Ba310 notes

Thus far, the U. These large carriers have the resources and capital at their disposal to enable them to develop and provide a wide range of telephone-related services to their customers.

At this time, 12 medium-sized companies shared eight percent of the U. The remaining seven percent of the U.


The larger carriers are able to attract customers by offering a full range of services in addition to direct dial calling. These services include, but are not limited to: The strategy followed by the smaller carriers in attracting customers has been to offer excellent service and low-cost, direct-dial long-distance calling e.

Many smaller carriers, for example, focus on a particular geographic market. By understanding the market's calling patterns, the smaller carrier can maximize crucial economies and can attract subscribers by offering long-distance calling at rates lower than those offered by larger carriers.

Additionally, many smaller carriers use the fact that they are a small, local business in order to attract other local businesses as their clients. These carriers stress the ability to offer more personalized, responsive attention than some larger carriers may provide.

However, many of the smaller carriers are finding it increasingly difficult to compete with the larger carriers by offering direct-dial calling alone.

For these carriers to attract and retain customers, they need the ability to offer the same range of features and services provided by some of the larger carriers. For example, a small carrier may have a small travel agency as a long-distance subscriber. As the travel agency grows, develops more business, and hires additional salespersons, the travel agency's telephone services requirements also grow.

The travel agency may want to offer calling cards to its salespersons who travel frequently. The travel agency may also want the ability to re-route an incoming call that was made to their number. Such re-routing allows the travel agency to re-route incoming number calls to any telephone number, a voice mailbox, or a pager.

Additionally, the travel agency may want the ability for its office workers, clients and vendors to make operator-assisted calls.perform various administrative related tasks including filing paperwork, taking notes, writing summaries, creating reports, looking over contracts, speaking with clients, booking travel Title: Office Manager and Executive .

Photographs were taken with a digital camera attached to either an Olympus BX41 or Motic BA compound microscope.

Image stacks were merged using CombineZP and Adobe PHOTOSHOP CS3. All measurements were taken with the software ImageJ. Product Description. Founded in , Kantek has set the standard for personal customer service, superior design and construction, a high degree of flexibility and responsiveness to the marketplace.

Ba310 notes

This guy is the funniest prof I've ever had. Don't have to take good notes, if you pay attention you should do fine. Really a nice dude. The study sites of Experiment 1 are roughly described in Table water depth was measured to the nearest 5 cm with a wading water current was estimated from the moving velocity of a cylindrical cork along the rod.

The incomplete answers can be completed during the review time Six incomplete answers will usually receive more credit than three, complete ones Read through the questions once and note if you have any choice in answering questions Pay attention to how the question is phrased, or to the "directives", or words such as "compare", "contrast.

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