Cosmetology research essay

By Amy Whitmyre Cosmetology Cosmetology includes the study and practice of a variety of beauty treatments involving the hair, skin, or nails. Cosmetologists often work as hair stylists, hair colorists, makeup artists, waxing specialists, and nail technicians.

Cosmetology research essay

Download File Cosmetology Past and Present Over the years cosmetology has been a major part of the female world culture.

You can become a cosmetologist by completing a state-approved training program and passing a state licensing examination for cosmetology. As part of your studies, you may be assigned a research paper, or you might decide to research a topic on your own to enhance classroom learning. Cosmetology is a great career if a person is interested in hair and skin but they would also have to be interested in science and technology. neck, and cheeks, according to new research presented at the 27th Annual Conference of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery in Grapevine, TX, on April 13, (Cosmetic Therapy Update. Research paper on cosmetology school. by | posted in: Uncategorized | 0. My english teacher told me to write an essay about bullying and depression and self-harm so i did this. how to write a descriptive research paper. electrotherpy research paper. .

Many women around the world go to salons and spas every day to have their make-up done, to get a facial, and for hair removal, because many women around the world have this done to them every day that cosmetology has become a very popular business.

Beauty has for centuries been a major importance in societies, therefore cosmetology as a profession will always be around for centuries to come. The history of make-up can be traced back as far as ancient Egypt. Today cosmetology has become a very popular career and art form.

Over time new technology has produced new ways to produce make-up, hair removal, and do facials. Cosmetology has been around for centuries. The first cosmetologists were ancient tribal hunters and practiced cosmetology as a form of defense rather than for beauty. They smeared ash under their eyes and by doing so the glare of the sun was reduced, and by smearing animal urine on their bodies, their smell was altered.

Although primitive, this eventually led to cosmetic ideas such as eye liner and perfume Life, 1. Cosmetic comes from the word cosmetae and was first used to describe Roman slaves whose function was to bathe men and women in perfume Chaudhri, As early as 4,BC men and women of Ancient Egypt wore eye make-up.

The eye make-up of ancient Egyptians was very elaborate and created the almond eye look which has become a modern depiction of ancient Egyptians. Their choice in colors was black and green, which was made up by taking powders they made and mixing them with water to make a paste Egyptian makeup, 1.

Ancient Egyptian make-up had many purposes; medical reasons, cosmetic, religious and magical reasons, and traditional reasons.

In comparison their make-up was a part of their way of life. For medical reasons they continued to use their eye make-up to keep diseases away because; it shielded the eyes from the sun along with keeping the flies away from their eyes Egyptian makeup, 1.

As early as BC Egyptians produced cosmetics such as kohl made from galena a type of rock they would crumble up and mix with water to make a paste and lipstick Camie Smith, Interview. Ancient Egyptians both men and women started wearing distinct eye make-up, and perfumed oils to soften their skin and to prevent burning in the sun along with damage from the sandy winds Egyptian makeup, 1.


Ingredients like Myrrh, thyme, marjoram, chamomile, lavender, and lily, were used in perfumes to preform religious rituals and to embalm the dead. For the lips, cheeks and nails, clay called red ochre was ground and mixed with water.

Henna was used to dye fingernails yellow or orange. Egyptian makeup was stored in special jars that were kept in special makeup boxes. Women would carry their makeup boxes to parties and keep them under their chairs.

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Although men also wore makeup, they did not carry makeup kits with them Chaudhri, Not only did the men and women wear make-up, but their gods were adorned with different types of cosmetics as well.

The higher the status the more make-up and clothes they would wear Egyptian makeup, 1.

Cosmetology research essay

Furthermore Egyptians would freshen their breath by chewing on pellets made of ground tamarisk leaves because there is no evidence of toothbrushes or toothpaste at this time. In Egyptian culture bad breath and bad body odor were grounds for shame Chaudhri, Although Egyptians were the first to be credited for inventing make-up there are many other ancient societies that used make-up as well.

Cosmetology research essay

In ancient China cosmetics were extremely important, especially with royalty. Historically beautiful nails were a sign of wealth and desirability. Their hairstyles were always elaborate, and hairstyling and hair care was a true art form to the Chinese Life, 1. However, humans evolved, many other cultures became involved with make-up in many other ways.A Brief Introduction To Cosmetology Beauty Essay.

Print Reference this a brief introduction to cosmetology. This by definition is the study of beauty and beauty treatment. I got to research valuable information in various cosmetology industries and this created diverse knowledge for me and gave me a firm base for the preparation and.

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I choose this job because I felt that it would be an interesting topic to research about. Cosmetology is a great career if a person is interested in hair and skin but they would also have to be interested in science and technology. neck, and cheeks, according to new research presented at the 27th Annual Conference of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery in Grapevine, TX, on April 13, (Cosmetic Therapy Update.

Exists a wide variety of research topics on cosmetics. The list may include the theme demanding a definition of beauty, discussion of the place of cosmetic products on the market, analysis of various brands, pros, and cons of cosmetics, history of its appearance and the role of it nowadays.

My Love for Cosmetology Essay - Every since I was a child I have had a passion for doing other people’s hair. When I was little I would use my baby dolls as . Cosmetology is a career I am really interested in. From research on the Internet and some books, I found the information I needed to know before making any serious decision about becoming a cosmetologist.4/4(4).

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