Evaluate current e commerce systems in use by organisations

The e-commerce will provide the larger market potential.

Evaluate current e commerce systems in use by organisations

Currys organization also has different types of stakeholders which affect its business activities Olatokun and Kebonye, There are certain expectations of these stakeholders which are needed to be fulfilled by the company.

Customers — Customers always expect quality goods and services at reasonable prices from the company Ifinedo, From Currys, people expect that it should supply high-quality home electrical appliances which can be value for their money.

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Employees - It was identified that staff turnover rate in Currys is high. So the retailer should concentrate on retaining its employees for a extended period. This essay is an example of a student's work Disclaimer This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies.

This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. If they purchase shares of the organization, in return they expect the adequate amount of dividend for them.

These people want that firm should perform well in a financial manner so that they can enjoy long-term benefits Rayport and Jaworski, The firm should make their shareholders happy and satisfied by offering them different types of benefits regarding returns.

The company should maintain long-term supply chain relations with its suppliers Currys, The supply chain management within companies required to be healthy and effective with the emergence of quality goods and services for the customers. In return, suppliers expect timely payment for their deliverables to the company Udo, Bagchi, and Kirs, Financial Institutions - These institutions grant funds to only those companies which are financially stable regarding gearing and liquidity.

Hence for that purpose, Currys is required to maintain good financial position so that it can impress these institutions for funds. Media — Media also has a significant impact on the business activities. Currys business operations get coverage by different media channels Ghobakhloo, Arias-Aranda, and Benitez-Amado, As a corporate, Currys have some social responsibilities towards the society.

The company had to make sure that; through its business activities, it is not creating any harm to the society.

It should not indulge in any unethical and wrong methods of doing business Olatokun and Kebonye, Tax authorities - These authorities keeps an eye on the tax practices of the organization.

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They make sure that company is paying timely taxes or not. Adopting unethical ways of tax avoidance must not be encouraged from the side of the company Lawrence, and Tar, For such organizations, e-commerce has emerged to be a major blessing, as it is a way through which these kinds of enterprises can reach out to a large audience base and also try to attract them as well as retailing them with great ease and comfort.

Evaluate current e commerce systems in use by organisations

One of the main reasons that describes why companies like Currys are paying so much attention and precedence to e-commerce is that it provides them the ability to not only interact with customers but also fulfilling their needs and wants to the greatest extent possible Abrazhevich, Even though there are many advantages that organizations can gain through e-commerce, but there are some areas that the said concept lacks in; which have become major shortcomings of the system.

One of them is related to the payment system. Today, the risk of online thefts and risks have increased substantially, more since the emergence of e-commerce as a platform for conducting business activities. This is mainly because of the reason that cases or instances of hacking have increased manifolds in recent years.Evaluate current e-Commerce systems in use by organizations The system of e-commerce consists of a variety of components or elements.

The major aspect of e-commerce systems is its product. (D1.

Evaluate current e commerce systems in use by organisations

Different e-Commerce Systems in the World Critically evaluate few e-Commerce systems currently in use by organisations realistically for similar purposes (LO 3. mission LO1 Understand the structure and aims of business organisations assess an organisation’s core Chapter business functions evaluate an organisation’s Chapter evaluate current e-Commerce systems in use by organisations Chapter discuss the financial Chapter implications of an e- investigate market potential for an e-Commerce opportunity evaluate current e-Commerce systems in use by organisations discuss the financial implications of systems, e-Commerce platform Evaluate the suitability of e-Commerce systems e.g.

questionnaires, criteria (e.g. speed of access.

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Jul 06,  · Financial implication will be transparent for doing good e-commerce business. For easing the selling, buying, transaction e-commerce is created. But e-commerce business is not that much easy as it seems. E-commerce business will be profitable if an organization get too much customers.

E-commerce focuses on quantity. e-Commerce opportunity evaluate current e-Commerce systems in use by organisations discuss the financial implications of an e-Commerce solution design an e-Commerce solution evaluate the suitability of an e-Commerce solution.


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