Foreign service essays

One of the first steps you take is to choose your career track, also known as your cone. My score was rated across the four cones — Political, Economic, Consular, Administrative now Management — and as I recall you could pick any cone to secure a place on one of the career track registers. Most but not all applicants selected the cone in which they scored highest.

Foreign service essays

Did you know that the majority of test takers do not pass the test? Further, did you know that practicing for a test greatly improves your odds of passing?


In order to understand this guide, you must first learn the foundation before adding layers to it. After over a year of going through the application process test, essays, orals, clearances, and the Registeryou finally received an offer to join the State Department. Among one of the many thoughts running through your mind, you may begin to think about salary.

Just how much will I make? As an incoming entry-level FSO, you are eligible for three grades: Within each grade there are 14 steps.

Step 1 is the lowest step of each grade and step 14 is the highest. In short, the lower the grade number the more senior you are.

Foreign service essays

The higher the step number, the more senior you are within that grade. Your salary level follows this progression as well: In table form, it looks like this: FP-4 is the highest of three entry-level FSO grades 4, 5, or 6.

Step 1 is the lowest step of each grade and step 14 is the highest — the higher the step, the more senior within that grade. These parts take into account the level of education attained, your qualifying experience, and your salary prior to joining the Foreign Service.

The image below, by the Department of State, shows quite well how the combination affects your grade and step. The level of education achieved is straightforward, the degree you have in hand. But how is QE determined? Advanced knowledge must be in a field of science or learning customarily acquired by a prolonged course of specialized intellectual instruction.

Each year of QE is equal to one additional step. If you do not have a full year of professional experience, your QE rounds down.

However, if the addition of QE would put you at a step higher than 14, your step is 14, you do not move to the next grade. In order to best illustrate salary from now on in this guide, we will need the help of Sarah, the newest member to the FSO family. Putting it all together, Sarah attains the grade FP To determine her step, we just need to add her two years of QE to the minimum Step in the range i.

Entry-level FSO grade and step are determined by combining education achieved and years of QE attained. If the current salary is too high to be matched in the Foreign Service grade for which the candidate is qualified, step 14 of that grade is the starting salary.

So what does this mean? If your initial grade and step results in a loss of salary, you will advance within a grade until you reach a step that corresponds slightly higher than your current salary.

However, if your current salary is higher than the step 14 salary within the grade you were assigned, you will be assigned to step One does not advance to the next highest grade. Knowing this, we can determine what her base salary would be: You can see this by looking at the below table red highlighted box.

As such, we need to determine the next step within the grade that has the closest highest salary, which is…? The very next step! Go ahead and determine how salary matching affects you! The Bureau of Human Resources will attempt to match your current salary by increasing your step level, up to step 14, within your assigned grade.

First, promotions are considered once a year, and are based on the needs of the State Department, your performance, and your potential.

This does not mean you may not receive a salary increase within those three years though. Second, for promotion between grades, it is not a requirement to be at step 14 in order to advance to the next grade. Third, when you are promoted between grades you are not promoted to the same step level you currently hold.

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Foreign service essays

Foreign Affairs is the leading magazine for in-depth analysis of U.S. foreign policy, and relations with Russia, North Korea, the Middle East and Europe.

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