Hong kong mtr

Greater Bay Area How To: It is efficient, quick and cheap. Buying Tickets There are three options for buying tickets, which are buy tickets from automatic vending machines located in the station use a preloaded touch card, called the Octopus Card use a preloaded touch card, called the Tourist Pass Single Journey Ticket — If you are on a one day trip, short visit, or have little need to use the MTR or public bus, then pay as go via purchasing a Single Journey Ticket at the automated machines in the station. Octopus Card — a plastic card that you preload and swipe to enter and exit the station.

Hong kong mtr

Hong kong mtr

In other words, you can go to many touristy places efficiently by using the MTR. This guide is intended to give you a general idea on what it is and tips on how to save time and money while using the MTR. Trains are always clean and there is air-conditioning all year long.

The vast network of underground passageways and exits for each station means you can get to the same platform from many places. The downside to the MTR in Hong Kong is that it tends to get extremely crowded during rush hours, especially at the main stations I will mention in a moment.

People will push you to try to get into the train. I highly recommend you step aside and wait for another train if it gets too crazy. Since you are a tourist, you are not in a rush, let other people fight over the last inch to get in.

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Most lines have a frequency of just a few minutes. Service hours vary for each line but generally service begins daily at 6AM and ends at 1AM. The Octopus Card is a smart magnetic card that stores money value for easy payment processing.

Most MTR riders use it because of its convenience of not having to buy a ticket every time. There is also a discount on fares for using Octopus Card over single ticket. Octopus Cards are available at all MTR stations. After the 3 days, you can add more money to the card and continue using it.

Together, they form a network of stations throughout Hong Kong. It may seem confusing at first looking at the map of all the lines and stations. But as a tourist, there are only 4 lines and a few stations that you really need to know.

It has 3 main stations: Airport, Kowloon, and Hong Kong. Kowloon Station is the main stop at the Kowloon side of Hong Kong. You may exit Tsim Sha Tsui Station and enter a world of shopping, sightseeing, and restaurants. Just 2 more stops and you will be at Mong Kok Station.

If your hotel or destination is on the Hong Kong Island, this is your stop. Here you can find Sogo a mega department storeTimes Square a large shopping centreas well as many unique retail shops.

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With these MTR lines and stations in mind, you will have plenty to do for at least a few days. If you have more time in Hong Kong, consider joining a day tour to see other less MTR-friendly tourist attractions. The map gives you a good idea of where the interchange stations are and where to go to switch lines.

Because of the large number of exits at each station, it can be confusing to find the exit you should take to get to your destination. If you take a wrong exit, you may have to walk many blocks outside. It is best to know which one is closest to where you need to go.

You will have to keep an eye on the signs as you leave the platform. Most MTR staff can speak fluent English and are quite friendly.

Do you have tips and tricks on riding the MTR to share with us? Please leave a comment below!This is a Hong Kong China, MTR The Centenary of Star Ferry Souvenir Ticket with original holder.

The ticket have never been used but expired in excellent condition. Hong Kong MTR - Asian Windsurrfing Tourist Souvenir Ticket in Folder. Hong Kong's official tourism guide includes tourist information on attractions, events, shopping and dining, vacation holiday packages, street maps, virtual tours and travel planning itineraries to experience Hong Kong's unique international living culture.

Visit Hong Kong, Asia's top travel destination. Hong Kong's MTR system is widespread and far-reaching with stations servicing all the main urban areas of the Kowloon Peninsula, the northern part of Hong Kong Island with the first phase of the South Island line already in operation (East), portions of Lantau Island and the Airport Express.

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Hong Kong walking tour that touches upon all sensitive topics where you may or may not want to ask a local. Hong Kong story, told by the Hong Kong Locals. The Mass Transit Railway (MTR; Chinese: 港鐵; Cantonese Yale: Góngtit) is a major public transport network serving Hong barnweddingvt.comed by the MTR Corporation Limited (MTRCL), it consists of heavy rail, light rail, and feeder bus service centred on an line rapid transit network serving the urbanised areas of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the New Territories.

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