How to write a million dollar novel

Associate Editor Rachel Burkot talks about the necessary elements of a romance novel. What are those magical elements that define the genre? Love stories are so common in books and movies, and television and everything else!

How to write a million dollar novel

While I can believe that he used the Blackberry to review his novel while on the subway, I do not believe for one minute that he did not use his home PC to do the majority of his work on the novel.

Any work he may have done on the subway was more of an edit or proof read and not the awe inspiring moments where genius meets paper with the author pecking away into the night following some thoughts that have to be worked into the novel.

While the media may credit the Blackberry mention and try to paint the author as some truly dedicated and driven author, I think this is where the media is merely looking for some "Spin" for their news coverage and in doing so, embellished the Blackberry mention to make the story more Hollywoodish.

These are my thoughts on the matter, because I also truly love to write and I also own a Blackberry and as such, I know first hand how hard it can be from time to time just to answer an email. I usually don't if I am out of the house and I usually wait to get home before using my laptop in sync with my Blackberry to write any email responses.

I can only write short emails and anything lengthy is best done on the full sized laptop or home PC computer and not the Blackberry. This is a fact that makes me say what I say about this posting. I have been a Blackberry owner for over five years now and while I love my Blackberry, it is not the means by which I would write a novel.

I would use it to edit and such, but to actually write a novel on a Blackberry is ludicrous at best and as such, I for one do not believe the propaganda that claims some author wrote a novel on just his Blackberry.

how to write a million dollar novel

I may be a hard case, but I am also a pragmatist and something tells me this whole story is just an embellishment for the sake of ratings and an effort to begin the mystic that will no doubt go into the making of some Hollywood movie with action and adventure mixed with a beautiful music score.

Thanks for the posting.Harvard graduate Tomi Adeyemi reportedly scored a million-dollar book + movie deal for her young adult trilogy. Her website confirms that the movie is currently in development with Karen Rosenfelt and Wyck Godfrey (Twilight, Maze Runner, The Fault In Our Stars) as producers.

Directed by Tom Doganoglu.

how to write a million dollar novel

With Tom Doganoglu, Courtney Mackay, Rachel Petrie, James Nicol. Eight strangers are invited to spend two days at a secluded house.

At the end of the two days everyone will receive one million dollars. But there is a twist. They are left with weapons, and told that if they kill each other off, the survivors will split a bigger share of the eight million dollars.

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