Is egypt afrocentric

The Theory of Social Change Afrocentrists led by Molefe Asante have organised their critics into three categories, Capitulationists, Europeanised Loyalists, and Maskers. They include amongst black scholars Anthony Appiah and Stanley Crouch. The functioning element for these critics is self-hatred, accompanied by the belief that these African critics are really nothing but whites in black skin.

Is egypt afrocentric

Fallacies of Afrocentrism Grover Furr A few days ago I posted a n article I wrote back in '91 when the college's black student org. In it I ran through, though very briefly for spacesome of the fallacies of Afrocentrism.

Here is a little more about them, in no special order. Afrocentrism seriously distorts Egyptian history. Egyptians were not "black" Negroid on the whole, though a few dynasties of rulers were. But Egyptians were also not racists, it seems, and people of different colors intermarried.

We could do well to follow their lead in this! There is no evidence that Nefertiti or Cleopatra were 'black', for example. Nefertiti was not "white" i. Greeks did not "steal" their culture from Egypt.

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In the ancient Mediterranean world, cultural influences moved around a lot. The Egyptian rulers and their acolytes like all the "-hoteps", Imhotep, Ptahhotep, et al. Cheikh Anta Diop, whom Afrocentrists admire but, it seems, seldom read, has a very interesting review of Jacques Pirenne's History of Ancient Egypt in one of his books.

Diop comments favorably about Pirenne's description of revolutions against the Egyptian rulers by lower-class Egyptians -- something one would expect in an exploitative society.

But the Afrocentrists who so admire Diop never mention this aspect of Ancient Egypt! In short, what they admire is the aristocratic, exploitative aspect of it. Ancient Egyptians are not the ancestors, either culturally or genetically, of the peoples of West Africa or of the American black population.


The whole "ice man-sun man" thesis of Francis Welsing is racist crap, without a shred of evidence to support it. Welsing seldom publishes her 'research'; same with Jeffries. I've tried to get it; with lots of effort, I've gotten a very little bit.

The infamous "Melanin" Conferences at which these ideas are promoted are virtually secret, their 'proceedings', if any, not available to anyone. The premises of Afrocentrism are false and racist against blacks, among others.

This is the case even if modern blacks were the descendants of ancient Egyptians, which they are not. Besides, if one takes credit for the "achievements" of one's distant ancestors, why not also assume the blame for the atrocities committed by the same ancestors?

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If it were true, all blacks with any degree of white ancestry would be "sub-human" just as the "ice person" thesis claims whites are; most American blacks, if not all, therefore. Where does Afrocentrism come from?

Historically, it's a reaction to the tremendous upsurge of racism spurred by 18th and 19th century European imperialism. I think Bernal [ Black AthenaVolume I] is right when he points out that after study of Egypt -- and also of the Semitic mid-east -- was systematically denigrated for racist reasons.

Some scholars reacted against this marginalization of Egypt and the Mid-East, including some black scholars but not only them. This is the ancestry of Afrocentrism, sketched by Bernal rather convincingly.

What is not convincing about Bernal Volumes 1 and 2 is his derivation of Greek civilization from Egyptian colonists. However, even if it were true, it would not mean what the Afrocentrists say it means.

Today, Afrocentrism is a racist, highly conservative, nationalist pseudo-science by the latter term I mean: It victimizes black students almost exclusively, since it is they who have this nonsense foisted off upon them as truth.

The fact that it is tolerated and even promoted at various universities, including the one I teach at, is a tribute to higher education's racism against black students.According to Afrocentrism, African history and culture began in ancient Egypt, which was the birthplace of world civilization.

Egypt presided over a unified black Africa until its ideas and technologies were stolen and its record of accomplishments obscured by Europeans. While Egypt eventually emerged as central in the debates over Afrocentrism in the mid-twentieth century (see below), these earlier imperatives were aimed at recovery and redemption of the African past.

Today, Afrocentrism is a racist, highly conservative, nationalist pseudo-science (by the latter term I mean: based upon phony scholarship and premises). It victimizes black students almost exclusively, since it is they who have this nonsense foisted off upon them as truth.

Is egypt afrocentric

May 07,  · NEGROCENTRISMS DEATH SENTENCE & EXECUTION EXCITING INFORMATION TO BE REVEALED KEEP READING! Ancient Egyptian Mummy Genomes paper to be released in month of May.

Afrocentrism verges on being classified as a religious faith because of the required suspension of skepticism and the irrelevance of empirical evidence.

Afrocentrism is a backlash against the pervasive and powerful negative images of black (African) people that exist in the world today. Mainstream scholars reject the notion that Egypt was a white or black civilization; they maintain that, despite the phenotypic diversity of Ancient and present day Egyptians, Several Afrocentric scholars, including Diop, have claimed that Tutankhamun was black.

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