Multiple case study design

Interaction tool description The customer journey map is an oriented graph that describes the journey of a user by representing the different touchpoints that characterize his interaction with the service.

Multiple case study design

The Challenge Over the years, the company made several acquisitions and grew organically to transform from a cable television company to a global provider of weather data services. This strategy would allow The Weather Company to scale while maintaining control over the environment and costs.

Multiple case study design

It would also allow the company to create developer-friendly APIs that product teams across the organization could use to innovate and create new products without worrying about infrastructure. Generating four terabytes of data every hour Weather is a volatile dataset that changes every 15 minutes or less.

In order to scale quickly on a global basis, the company pushes four gigabytes per second of forecasting data through AWS services.

The purpose of this study is to describe contemporary, real-world patterns of patient characteristics, clinical disease presentation, therapeutic regimen chosen, and clinical outcomes in participants with newly diagnosed [ND] multiple myeloma (MM) and participants with relapsed/refractory [R/R] MM. Case studies are only one of many ways of doing social science research, with experimentation, observation, surveys and archival information (as mentioned above) each. 26 STUDY DESIGN BOX General Properties of Case-Control Studies Definition: Case-control studies compare cases and disease-free controls for their exposure status and compare the risk of exposure in cases and controls. Usually, cases are people with disease, but treatment outcomes or other.

For forecasting, the company designed a new weather forecast and data services platform powered by NoSQL -distributed databases like Basho's Riak, Redis and Cassandra.

These NoSQL databases are leveraged to handle massive data movement, replication, and data distribution in a cloud-based, distributed environment. Riak stores historical data from satellites, radars, forecast models, users and weather stations. The platform consists of the following three layers: This allows the company to report current weather conditions accurately, and predict weather for each grid point days or weeks in advance.

The platform ingests information from more than different sources and generates close to one-half terabyte TB of data each time it updates. The information is mapped and processed into forecast points that can be retrieved in real time, based on queries coming into the system.

All data is stored in Amazon Simple Storage Service Amazon S3leveraging the efficiency of cloud storage as opposed to an on-premises storage solution and eliminating the hassle of managing a storage platform.

Developers worldwide can take advantage of an API-driven platform The weather forecast and data platform uses AWS APIs to automate application development and the launch of new environments.

Any developer can use what the company refers to as data cartridges to develop services for the data platform, other cloud environments, or on-premises hardware.

Anyone from a hobbyist to an external developer building a large-scale system can use our APIs to build products. Using AWS allows us to focus on the most important aspects in our business in a cost-effective manner. We started the project in April The platform is robust enough to handle between 10 and 15 billion transactions each day attoper second, depending on the weather.

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Case studies are only one of many ways of doing social science research, with experimentation, observation, surveys and archival information (as mentioned above) each.

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Best Practices for a nice UX Search Design: Organising and Filtering. Google Adwords Case Study and Free Template Bonus Pack. Element. Description.

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The case. Object of the case study identified as the entity of interest or unit of analysis. Program, individual, group, social situation, organization, event, phenomena, or process. 3 A (VERY) BRIEF REFRESHER ON THE CASE STUDY METHOD The case study method embraces the full set of procedures needed to do case study research.

These tasks include designing a case study, collecting the study’s data, ana-.

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