Nursing interview essay

The UTC School of Nursing is fortunate to have three major hospitals near the campus including a level one trauma center at Erlanger Hospital. Although the majority of clinical experiences are in the hospital setting, students also have the opportunity to experience a variety of clinical experiences.

Nursing interview essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? The aim of the paper was to determine the experiences and the requirements of the patients and their spouses following hospitalization for two specific forms of orthopedic surgeries namely total hip and total knee arthroplasty.

The study was performed on a small-scale basis and only 5 subjects patients and their spouses were included. The design included in the study was descriptive.

Nursing interview essay

The findings revealed that the patients and their spouses required greatest help in making transitions. The patients felt the greatest distress when they were unable to get back to their activities within the stipulated period of time.

The spouses of the patient felt insecure when the patient was unable to perform the daily activities within the stipulated period of time. The transition period was marked by disturbances felt when the patient was unable to recover within the stipulated period of time as planned before the surgery.

Some of the issues that were a concern included post-operative pain, problems with rehabilitation, and application of skills at home, which are learned in the hospital.

During the transition period, the spouses and the patients have to change their roles, relationships, abilities and behaviors, so that a faster recover process is enabled.

The healthcare professionals have to also ensure that the patients are educated about the various problems that can be encountered and means of solving these problems.

The patients and the spouses have to also be taught that the entire recovery process should be given realistic considerations. However, the author has suggested for the need for further research studies when it comes to determining and fulfilling the needs of patients and their spouses following total joint replacement surgeries.

Focus groups seems to be one effective way of educating the healthcare processionals, who in turn that can meet the needs of the patients and their spouses.Peters recalls some unexpected questions from her nursing school interview.

She remembers being “totally thrown off” when asked how she would explain to another applicant that she was a better candidate than him or her.

Nursing interview essay

She was also asked about the last book she read outside of schoolwork. Nursing Application Essay Interview How To.

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Nurse Interview Paper Whitney Page NUR E April 12, Cassandra Hetzel has worked in the office of Dr.

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Garth Phibbs for twenty plus years. Although she had worked in the office she has only been a RN since December /5(1). Nursing is a specialized field, and the types of interview questions recruiters ask job candidates should be specialized as well. From determining a nurse’s level of experience to his or her involvement in interacting with patients, recruiters can’t only ask nurses the most common interview questions.

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