Origin of word dravida

Although many of the rites and rituals followed in antiquity are no longer practised, some have been retained. Iyers are initiated into rituals at the time of birth. In ancient times, rituals used to be performed when the baby was being separated from mother's umbilical cord.

Origin of word dravida

The origin of the Dravidian civilization is not properly known. Some historians argue that nearly years ago people from East Africa repatriated from their homeland and settled in and near present Iraq.

They are thought to be the forefathers and foremothers also of Mesopotamian Civilization. A Origin of word dravida sect of people went further to the East along the Southern part of the Hindukush mountain range to settle at the riverine fertile area of the Indus Valley.

They are considered as the founders of the Indus Valley Civilization.

Origin of word dravida

The Dravidian Civilization might have originated from them. This proposition of the origin of Indus Valley Civilization appears to be more likely and most of the historians have accepted the view because the people of the Indus Valley were Negroid in their physic and the Dravidian people may inherit the same origin.

In fact, all the aboriginal casts in India have pre- Dravidian physical type because of their common Negroid origin.

It is likely that after the Aryan invasion their forefathers had fled from their original settlements to various parts of the country. After thousands of years of living in isolation they have developed variations in their languages and cultures, while at the same time they have many things, which are common to each other.

The Aryan warlord or king Indra had a nickname called Lord Purandara. The Aryan king Indra who was later attributed as the king of gods might have, in his way to India, demolished a number of cities of the Indus Valley Civilization, and was later attributed with the ornamental nickname as Lord Purandara.

Mylapur or Bijapur, Thiruvananthapuram, R. Puram, Ramanathapuram, Mallapur, etc. The meanings of pur, pura, or puram are same. They have been used to denote city or town since time immemorial. It also signifies that after the Aryan attack the fleeing people from Indus Valley settlements took refuge to various places throughout the whole country.

The main stream might have made an exodus to South India. But small-scattered groups might, also, have fled to the North, The East and the West also. Not unlikely that Dravidians are not only found in South India alone. This is a definite proof that the Dravidian population had a common settlement and, also that they had to leave their original settlement to seek refuge at various places due to some unavoidable circumstances.

There are a number of stories relating to the origin of Dravidian people. One of these is the story about Kumari Kandam, which resembles with the existence of a lost land called Lemuria, thought to drowned in repeated floods or earthquakes due to tectonic plate movements.

The land is described as an imaginary continent connecting South-most point of Indian peninsula with Australia in the Southeast and Madagascar in the Southwest. The discovery of the fossils and skull remains of Lemurs in India and Madagascar and the similarity of living creatures both in India and Australia led some to believe that these three were connected in the past by a vast land called Lemuria so called after the discovery of the common ape-like creature Lemur in both India and Madagascar.

As per the legend Dravidian population are the descendants of the inhabitants of the lost Kumari Kandam. There are a few historians who tried to attribute the origin of Dravidians to the Rig Vedic Aryans, because the word Dravida has been derived from Sanskrit language.

Anthropologically Dravidians have many things in common with the Caucasoid facial structures. But these analogies seem to be unrealistic, since there had been mixtures between the indigenous Indians of the past with the invading Aryans, subsequent to the settlement of the former at Dakshinatya, i.

Moreover, Dravida was an old community and might have existed during the time of Rig Veda. Hence its reference in Rig Veda can be found. Dravidian civilization has adopted many things from the Aryan civilization, as all the defeated community are forced to adopt the customs from their rulers.

A lot of Sanskrit words found their places in the 73 odd languages belonging to the Dravidian language group spoken by not less than 20 crore people throughout the globe. But, at the same time, it is also true that the Aryans had learned a lot from them, in their way to civilization.

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The Aryan people who invaded India did not have this dexterity. They did not have any written script of their own, and that is the reason why the holy Vedas were called the Shruti teachings which are told and memorized.The word Dravida - Dramila comes from our ancient texts & the south states are referred to as Dravidia region.

So the place where the Tamils lived were known as Dravida & from there this originates. Only the Dark Skinned Dravidians (= Druids) are the “correct aryans” as per our ancient texts!! HISTORY OF ADI-DRAVIDARS.

Origin of word dravida

INTRODUCTION The Thiruvalluvar Foundation has been formed for the social and educational advancement of the Parayars. Origin of the word Bangla. The exact origin of the word Bangla is unknown, though it is believed to be derived from the Dravidian-speaking tribe Bang/Banga that settled in the area around the year BCE.


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CHAPTER EXPLORING INDIA'S PAST AND ' Some scholars argue that the word 'Dravida' has come out of the Sanskrit root Dru, which means to,drive'. the word was not of the recent origin but very deeply rooted in North Indian, the Graeco-Roman, Chinese and Deccani antiquity. The Dravidian language family is one of the largest language families in the world.

The vast majority of linguists believe that the Dravidian language family is completely unrelated to any other language family. We removed the reference regarding the origin of the word dravida since there are several theories pertaining to it.

rajeshwar. The term Dravida has been found in many contexts across language, people, architecture, politics, culture etc. While I find various material in various contexts, I am not able to find out the answer as when the word itself was first used and in what context.

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