Three archetypes in the odyssey

Summary Analysis As Odysseus walks toward the city, Athena surrounds him with a protective mist. Disguised as a little girl, she guides him to the castle. She tells Odysseus to be bold and advises him to win the queen Arete's sympathies, because her judgment holds much weight in the kingdom. Odysseus marvels at Alcinous's fruitful realm and luxurious household.

Three archetypes in the odyssey

In other words, it is brimming with elements that seem deeply rooted in common human experience — elements that appear in much of the literature of the world, regardless of time, place, or culture.

One example of archetypal events, situations, and characters occurs in Book XXIII, when Penelope tests the man who claims to be her husband.

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She asks him questions about She asks him questions about their marriage bed — questions whose answers only her true husband could know. Odysseus answers the questions successfully, and Penelope speaks as follows: This passage illustrates a number of common archetypes, including the following: Characters in myths and literature are often forced to pass tests before they can achieve their desires.

Often in myths and literature, one of the partners in a marriage is skeptical about a claim made by the other partner; often a TEST must be passed before the skepticism is allayed.

This archetype is also often an ideal in myths and literature. Since so much of the stability of human societies depends on true love between married partners, it is not surprising that genuine love between husbands and wives is often celebrated in myths and literature.

This is one of the most common and most deeply rooted of all human desires. This archetype is the natural partner of the preceding archetype.

Genuine love between two people — especially between a husband and wife — is often expressed, as it is here, by intimate physical contact.

Add tags for "Odysseus, Aeneas and Abraham: three archetypes of personal identity in Western thought". Be the first. The Epic, The Epic Hero, and The Odyssey. The Epic. Convention #3. The epic begins. in media res. and then. flashes back. archetypes – characters, situations, and images that are recognizable in many times and cultures. Examples of archetypes. Sea monster. Wicked temptress. The Illiadand The Odyssey. Illiad: an archetype of a war epic. contains the morals and values of the Greek society in war. Odyssey: an archetype of the adventure/heroic epic. seen as a metaphor for living one’s life. contains the morals, themes, and values of the Greek society about adventure, hardship, and life.

Although The Odyssey is the product of a time, place, and culture vastly remote from our own, most people today can easily relate to the kinds of behaviors and emotions described in the passage above.

Homer has managed, here as so often elsewhere, to employ archetypes that make his poem seem, in many ways, as familiar to people today as it was to the people for whom it was originally composed.THE ODYSSEY STUDY PACKET PAGE 1 THE ODYSSEY STUDY PACKET 9TH GRADE HONORS NAME: ODYSSEY CALENDAR Monday, 9/1 Tuesday, 9/2 Wednesday, 9/3 and Thursday, 9/4 Friday, 9/5 Define archetype.

THE ODYSSEY STUDY PACKET PAGE 4 What are some common archetypes? What is an epic theme? Read the MODEL on page Archetypes and Themes in The Allusion in The Odyssey.

Homer alludes multiple times to characters and events from his other epic, The Iliad. Chronologically, The Odyssey takes place after The Iliad since Odysseus is on his return trip from the Trojan War.

Examples of Archetype in Literature

Allusions are made to connect the two epics together. Carl Jung used the concept of the character archetype in his theory of “the collective unconscious.” To him, universal, mythic characters have been used in human storytelling dating back to. Even though Homer composed “The Odyssey” over three thousand years ago, many of the moral values regarding hospitality have not changed, regardless of where one is around the world.

One must always act properly when one is being hosted by another, one must always provide for the individual(s) one is . Archetypes in the Odyssey.

The original pattern from which all things of the same kind are copied; as a model or prototype.

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Death and Rebirth - When Odysseus returns from the Underworld. The Fall - Visits Teiresias in the Underworld.

Three archetypes in the odyssey

Devil Figure - Poseidon and Antinious. Friendly Beast - Argos. Hero - .

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