Unit 3 citizenship and diversity

An example of a racist would be Sir William Macpherson the former high court judge, as in one interview he claimed that; "I'm quite sure I have thought the wrong things even if I haven't said wrong things, particularly perhaps in stereotyping, looking at a young black man with a baseball cap the wrong way round and immediately thinking the worst against him.

Unit 3 citizenship and diversity

Citizenship and Diversity P1, P2, P3 A citizen is defined as 'a person owning loyalty to and entitled by birth or protection of a state or nation' Mufflin, e.

Similar to citizen, citizenship is the overall perspective of a citizen and is defined as 'the condition, status or position of a citizen, with its rights and duties' Collins, Diversity is defined as 'the state or quality of being different or varied' Collins,Collins English Dictionary which is basically a range of different things e.

With citizenship, there is also a legal view.

Unit 3 citizenship and diversity

The legal view of citizenship is basically the rights and responsibilities an individual has granted by a state to the residents in there. A few rights being healthcare, education and age limits e. Some responsibilities being that citizen's pay bills and obey laws. A person has to be a citizen of that country to benefit from its legal laws.

The main one being born in that country, this will automatically make you a citizenship of that country over lawful agreements. Others being marriage to a citizen of that country and having one or more of your parents being a citizen of that country.

One being having good health, this would, in the long term, help keep the national salary spent by he NHS get much lower because not as many people would have health risks.

Unit 3 citizenship and diversity

As well as this, having good public spirit would be a quality of a good citizen because this would mean you may help out locally to any needs and help out the environment e. Being honest and obeying laws is also a good citizen. This could possibly prevent crimes and increase safety in many different areas.

Good citizens benefit the public services and the overall society greatly. The overall benefit of a good citizen allows the uniformed public services to do what they are initially set out to do instead of dealing with anti-social behavior. A good citizen wouldn't purposely disrupt the public services because they're not doing anything that would disrupt the society, therefore not needing the public services to help out the situation.

A bad citizen would mainly be doing anti-social behavior which is disruptive to the society e. This type of situation may need several of the public services to help tackle the crime which they've caused and some may even be wasting the public service's time. There are many different words and concepts related to these areas for example: Racism is the belief that all members of each race posses characteristics, abilities or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race.


The concepts associated with this usually involve 'racist' and 'prejudice; A racist is someone who carries out these actions, as well as prejudice being someone who prejudges somebody, in this case, due to their race e. Multiculturalism is where several different cultures can coexist in the same society peacefully.

Equality is a big concept of multiculturalism because equality is the state of being equal and therefore being each different culture being able to have equal rights and opportunities as one another.

There are many acts of discrimination an individual can take for example, heterosexist and homophobia. These acts of discrimination are against an individual's choice of sex which some people may not like.

A heterosexist is someone who is heterosexual attracted to the opposite sex. For example, a heterosexual may act a certain way to a homophobic because of that. These attitudes and feelings are usually expressed by heterosexuals as they might not class homophobic's as 'normal' therefore having these attitudes towards them.

In the local and national community, there are many different compositions making up this including: From statistical evidence from the most current survey, Censuswe are able to know these different compositions in our local and nation community.This is a ppt and worksheets for a year 7 lesson about respecting diversity.

This is a ppt and worksheets for a year 7 lesson about respecting diversity. key words lesson 2 citizenship. Lesson plan. ppt, 2 MB. lesson 2 - respecting diversity. Worksheet. doc, 27 KB. (Public Services L3 unit) $ (0) sjackson38 Behaviour in the Public. Citizenship: Immigration to the United States and Community Service Essay.

Period 2 9/17/12 Citizenship Seminar Discussion Diversity and Unity The definition of diversity according to barnweddingvt.com is “a range of different things”. 2nd Grade Social Studies Unit Plan By Kathy Reck Unit Title: Responsible Citizenship and Embracing Diversity in our Classroom and Community Overview: This unit explores diversity and the attributes of responsible citizens.

This unit will investigate current affairs that involve citizenship and diversity within UK society. Learners will be encouraged to research case studies and examples that have been reported by the media. Unit 3: Citizenship, Diversity and the Public Services. The aim of this unit is to provide you with knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to become thoughtful and informed citizens and public service employees.

The unit is designed to develop an awareness of rights and responsibilities and respect for different religious, ethnic and national. Avoid resits and achieve higher grades with the best study notes available of Unit 3 - Citizenship, Diversity and the Public Services for Public Services at the PEARSON.

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